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What is XtremeAI?

Introducing: XtremeBOT, $XAI Token Sniper

Welcome to XtremeAI ($XAI) where Token Sniping enters a whole new sphere in the industry. Explore a completely unique Multi-Chain Sniper with AI automations, Rug Checkers, Revenue Shares and so much more! XtremeAI is a Multi Utility functional project focussing on Holder benefits. Enjoy Native Token $XAI Reflections constantly, whilst creating a memory for your Sniper.

XtremeAI Core Utilities:

-AI Driven Sniper Bot

-Revenue Shares

-Native Token Reflections

-High APY Staking Dapp

XtremeAI also offers Native Token Reflections which is an automatic function in our unique ETH Contract. Every time a transaction is interacted with the contract (both buy & sell) reflections are distributed across every single holder of $XAI. Your $XAI holdings will constantly increase with time!

For the last few months, we’ve been developing an all-in-one bot which makes Sniping a stress-free task. Integrating an incredibly user friendly Telegram Dashboard, access multiple wallets, at any given point.

-Set Maximum Market Caps, Auto transactions & even use the bot on Multiple Chain, at the same time!

-XtremeBOT also has a new DeFi Utility called Revenue Shares! Revenue Shared will be automatically distributed to all Sniper Uses within the Tier 3 band. Earn ETH passively, just by staying up to date with our bot!

We will also be showing comparison videos with Market Leading Snipers such as WagieBOT, Maestro & UniBot. We’re proud to announce that even in Beta, XtremeBOT is functioning on a more optimised scale than all three.

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Market Cap2.59% $8,790
USD Price$0.00087
Price Change 1h0.04%
Price Change 24h2.59%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000850099356880668


Launched01 Aug 2023
Added31 Jul 2023