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What is Farmies?

To educate farmers on the modern technology of fast-growing hydroponics, which can create an environment of chemical-free and controlled season. More productivity. 40ft container can grow 5 acres of planting. And this technology can be set up indoors, even in Alaska. Indoor growing can create a suitable environment for fruits and vegetables. And it is grown in water and liquid fertilizer. Indoor growth also prevents bugs and insects. This means healthy vegetables and fruits and more production. Farmies will create portable farms for people who can grow in their backyard and generate income. The scientific analysis says there will be food shortages in the future. So, this is the best way to spread awareness and involve the young generation to participate and increase income. Mies Coin will be used as a financial tool for lending potential farmers to get finance without the traditional banking system. Mies will play a crucial role as a payment system for the farming industry.

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Launched30 Jun 2022
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