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Join an Airdrop on Coinscope

How to join an Airdrop on, all the steps from joining until end of the airdrop and how to claim your rewards

How to spot your next x100 Crypto Gem

This article is about investing your money in a sensible way in the crypto market, the fact that is so volatile is also the reason it can be very rewarding if you play your cards right.

What is the market cap value in cryptos

The investigate the way that the market capitalization is calculated in the crypto world. We use a real world example from the last trading price of the $Cake.

Tokenomics, Circulating Supply and Burned tokens

Smart Contracts have unlocked unlimited possibilities. Questions like how tokens are burned and what is the circulating supply are essentials to understand how the tokenomics are working.

Add Binance smart chain to the Metamask Wallet

Metamask wallet does not contain the Binance smart chain address by default. Users have too add it manual

Add coin Address to Metamask Wallet

The new coins are available only with their address. Users cannot search the name of the token.

Buy BNB with debit/credit card from Binance

How to buy BNB from the Binance website. This is one of the possible steps for entering to the alt coin market.

Create Metamask Wallet

How to create a Metamask wallet as a Chrome extension.

Trade BNB with a Coin in PancakeSwap

The process of trading BNB with another coin in the PancakeSwap. Most of the coins in the PancakeSwap are paired with BNB.

Transfer BNB from Binance to your Wallet

A full guide about sending tokens from your Binance wallet to you wallet.