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What is Slopy?

Slopy (SLOPY) is a meme token created on the Ethereum blockchain with a dynamic royalty system for holders. Royalties are randomly awarded to holders during transactions.


During token transfer, a small commission is deducted from the transaction amount and sent to a randomly selected wallet address among the holders of SLOPY tokens. This rewards the holders with additional tokens, incentivizing them to retain and use Slopy tokens actively. In order to receive a commission from transactions, it is necessary to have a certain wallet balance, this indicator is dynamic and tends to decrease, which allows real holders to receive a commission from token transfers. TIDY Wallet - A wallet with the necessary balance to receive a commission from a transaction.


The Master Wallet is a special wallet status that is exempt from paying any transaction commissions. Master wallet also receives royalties from transactions randomly, just like the TIDY wallet. To qualify for Master Wallet status, an address must hold a specific minimum balance of SLOPY tokens.The requirements for the Master Wallet are dynamic and inclined to decrease, thereby providing support to genuine token holders.

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