New Feature - Airdrop Referrals. Earn More Tokens by Referring Your Friends

By the Coinscope Team·12 Dec 2022·
New Feature - Airdrop Referrals. Earn More Tokens by Referring Your Friends


More than 6000 new crypto projects were added to the market in 2021 alone, which meant that they needed to find new ways to attract new investors and gain traction.

With the latest rise of airdrops in the crypto space, more and more people are looking to participate and possibly win tokens for the next hidden gem, without spending any money to do so.

Airdrops are a great way to get free promotion and publicity for your cryptocurrency project or service. By requiring participants to commit to specific tasks, like promoting your project on social media, you can generate buzz and interest in your project with little cost.

What is a Crypto Airdrop

Airdrops are cost-effective giveaways, used as a marketing activity from projects to attract the attention of new investors. What makes them appealing for projects to use, is the fact that users that participate also get a chance to be invested and show commitment, especially if they are part of the winners for the airdrop. It generates free publicity and guarantees exposure for the project.

Airdrops are a great way to get free crypto, but they’re not always guaranteed. In most cases, participants aren’t guaranteed an airdrop because there are so many people competing for them. However, if you complete the tasks required, you’ll be entered into the pool of eligible participants. On the day of the airdrop, the platform will randomly select a few lucky winners and transfer the promised amount of its currency to their public wallets.

Benefits of Participating in a Crypto Airdrop

As previously stated, creating an airdrop helps start-up projects attract the attention of the crypto community, almost for free. By distributing their coins or tokens to a wider group of people, they can generate more interest and attention from potential investors. This helps to increase the value of the currency, as more people are trading and holding onto it.

As an investor, it can be beneficial to get in on new coins at the beginning of their journey. By getting involved early on, you can help support the growth of the coin and potentially see greater rewards down the line. Of course, there is always some risk involved with any investment, but getting started by winning an airdrop means that you can minimize this and maximize your chances for success.

Coinscope Airdrop — Refer Your Friends Feature

Apart from its token listing and promotional services, Coinscope also gives projects the opportunity to hold legitimate and decentralized airdrops for their token. By taking advantage of this, its users can view all active or upcoming airdrops, participate by following the steps that each project has selected and check if they won once the airdrop has finished, all through one platform. That makes Coinscope the one-stop platform that most cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts choose to discover new and exciting projects.

How to boost your chances of winning an airdrop on the platform

Coinscope offers two ways for users to increase their chances of being one of the winners, for each airdrop that is hosted on its platform.

  1. Holding 20k coinscope tokens Î’y being a holder of 20000 or more $COINSCOPE tokens, you are automatically getting priority to win on every airdrop that takes place on our platform.

  2. Making use of the airdrop referral Coinscope has recently introduced the airdrop referral system that helps users gain priority, even if they don’t hold any $COINSCOPE tokens. By participating in an active airdrops, users can find their referral link on the bottom of the airdrop page. If at least 3 people join the airdrop while using your link, you get priority to be one of the winners on said airdrop.


If you are holding or participating in a crypto airdrop, the best platform you can utilize is Coinscope. For project owners, you get a platform with easy instructions and steps for the airdrop creation, at the expense of an extremely low fee for doing so. For users, the participation process is being made simple and intuitive, while also offering methods to increase your chances of winning. Who knows, you might end up being a holder of the next crypto gem, while making zero investment to begin with!

By the Coinscope Team·12 Dec 2022·

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