Create Metamask Wallet

By the Coinscope Team·03 Oct 2021·
Create Metamask Wallet

Install Metamask

  • Go to the Metamask website
  • Click the download button
  • Install the extension on your browser

Get Started your waller

Click Get Started

  • Create a Wallet
  • Enter your password

Get your Secret Backup Phrase

*Note The Secret Backup Phrase should be kept privately and do not share it with anyone. Reveal the Secret Phrase

  • Write the phase to a paper so you keep it safe
  • Click Next

Confirm your Secret Backup Phrase

  • Click the words in order to shape your phrase
  • Click Confirm

The process has been finished, click All Done

Find your Wallet Address

Your address will be copied when you click the account name on the top

By the Coinscope Team·03 Oct 2021·

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