How to Create a BSC Token

By the Coinscope Team·01 Jun 2023·
How to Create a BSC Token


The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network that was launched by Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The BSC network has seen a rise in popularity because of its affordable transactions, quick block confirmations, and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

These characteristics have made the BSC a fertile ecosystem for blockchain-based products like decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and others. BSC has become a thriving and active network in the crypto industry by attracting numerous projects and users. With other crypto-platforms like Coinscope, individuals and businesses have the opportunity to harness the potential of BSC by creating their own tokens and participating in this thriving ecosystem.

Creating a BSC token with a few clicks can open a lot of doors for aspiring project owners. Anyone can now launch their dream project easily and affordably.

Before Creating a BSC Token

Before jumping in and minting a new BSC token, there are a few things that you need to consider first.

Define the purpose and utility of your token: Any BSC token must have a clear vision or utility. Establish whether the token will be a meme token or a utility project and what you intend to do with it.

Identify the market's demand and the target audience: Recognize your token's target market, and evaluate consumer demand. Determine the criteria and preferences of potential token holders to make sure your token satisfies them and adds value.

Analyze the impact of laws and regulations: Consider the impact of laws and regulations on your token project as you create your marketing strategy. To guarantee compliance, do a thorough examination of the legal and regulatory environment in your area. Learn the exact guidelines and conditions that apply to the production and circulation of tokens. You can confidently sell your token while reducing legal risks and upholding a solid reputation in the market by being informed and abiding by the necessary legislation.

## Benefits of Creating Tokens
## Benefits of Creating Tokens

Benefits of Creating Tokens in Coinscope

For both users and projects, creating tokens in Coinscope offers up a world of new possibilities. The following are some of the main advantages that make Coinscope the best platform for creating tokens:

Simplified Process: Coinscope offers an intuitive user interface and a simplified procedure for producing tokens. The platform provides simple tools and materials to lead you through the token generation process regardless of your level of blockchain expertise.

Cost-Effective Approach: Conventional token production processes can entail high costs and difficult technological constraints. By providing an inexpensive technology that democratizes token generation, Coinscope removes these obstacles. You can easily and affordably realize your token ideas using Coinscope.

Options for Customization: With Coinscope, you can customize your tokens to meet your unique needs. You have complete control over the details of the token, including its name, symbol, total quantity, decimals, and more.

Community Engagement: A crucial component of token production on the platform is community interaction. By creating tokens, you have access to a flourishing ecosystem where you can spark interest in your token project, win support, and promote cooperation. The success and growth of your tokens are strongly influenced by your active participation in the community.

Steps for Creating a BSC Token
Steps for Creating a BSC Token

Steps to Create a BSC Token

Creating a BSC token requires a very specific process that will ensure your success. On Coinscope, you can quickly and conveniently create your own token here. More specifically:

Define Token Details: You can enter the relevant information for your token on the form on the Token Creation page. The fields for the token's name, symbol, decimals, and overall supply should be filled in. These specifics will outline your token's fundamental qualities.

Review and Confirm: Once you have entered all the required information and set up the correct settings, carefully consider your selections. Verify the correctness of the data again to make sure your token is generated properly.

Deploy your token: It's time to deploy your token on the blockchain after examining and validating the token's specifications. To start the token deployment procedure, click the "Deploy" button. Your token will be deployed on the selected blockchain network by Coinscope.

Types of Tokens You Can Create

Token Types
Token Types

To meet a variety of needs and goals, Coinscope provides a wide range of token production possibilities:

Standard Token

A standard token is tax-free and a simple type of digital currency that can be used for a variety of things, such as transactions, prizes, or gaining access to particular services. As a result, for people that want a simple, plain token without any complexity this makes it the perfect option.

Liquidity Generator

This type of token introduces taxes with each transaction. The main goal is to increase your liquidity by sending some of the taxes back to the LP and some back to your holders. It also allows you to have a specified wallet (like marketing) to send taxes to. Each transaction will include three types of fees:

  • A fee of your token will be transferred to your team's wallet.
  • A fee of your token will be distributed to the holders as reflections.
  • A fee of your token will be added to the liquidity pool.

Dividend Token

This type of token allows you to reward your users in different tokens like $USDT, $BUSD or $COINSCOPE. Each transaction will include three types of fees:

  • A fee of your token will be added to the liquidity pool.
  • A fee of your token will be swapped to your preferred currency and distributed to the holders as dividends.
  • A fee of your token will be swapped to your preferred currency and transferred to your team's wallet.

Marketing & Reflections

This last type of token allows you to be rewarded in BNB instead of your native token. Each transaction will include two types of fees:

  • A fee of your token will be swapped to BNB and transferred to your team's wallet for marketing purposes.
  • A fee of your token will be distributed to the holders.

Following Actions

Congratulations! You have created your new token, but this is just the beginning. To start marketing and promoting your new coin, the Coinscope platform offers a lot of possibilities. This includes token locks, airdrops and various promotions.

These next steps will help you ensure the security, visibility, and initial funding needed for a successful token launch. Let's explore the key steps to take in each of these areas: security audit, marketing, and creating your presale.

Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

A critical step of your project is performing a comprehensive smart contract audit of your token and project infrastructure. It is essential to guarantee the integrity and security of your token while creating it. You can find any possible errors, weaknesses, or security issues by consulting reputable auditing firms like Cyberscope. By using its services, one can get insightful advice on how to strengthen the security of their token and guard it against potential attacks. This will also allow you to get badges in various launchpads.

Launch Your Marketing Campaign

After you ensure the safety of your token, it’s time to start planning your marketing. Create a comprehensive marketing plan to raise awareness of and interest in your token. To reach your target demographic, use a variety of marketing channels, such as social networking sites, trade journals, and focused advertising campaigns. Create appealing messaging that emphasizes your token's distinct value proposition and possible advantages. Build a strong online presence, join in relevant forums and events, and interact with the crypto community to create credibility and draw in potential investors. Don’t forget to check out promotion options on Coinscope to help you attract more investors.


Once you have a tight marketing plan, consider hosting a presale event as a way to raise funds and attract loyal investors. During the presale, set clear terms and conditions, including details about how tokens will be distributed, and the cost of participation, and configure your tokenomics. You can use Coinscope’s lockers for free to lock your tokens and raise trust within your community. Finally, ensure that participants are well informed about the benefits and potential rewards they can expect.


Unlocking the potential of creating your own BSC token in the fascinating field of cryptocurrency opens up a world of amazing possibilities. You can create an excellent foundation for your token project by starting this exciting trip and following the stages with your own unique touch. Make sure you take advantage of all of Coinscope’s features that can help you in your journey. So, let your imagination go free, embrace the endless possibilities, and start your crypto journey!

By the Coinscope Team·01 Jun 2023·

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