Join an Airdrop on Coinscope

  • Click `Airdrops` in the top navigation header.
  • You will see the list of all available airdrops, click one to participate.
  • This will redirect you to a coin's page, Click Airdrop on the top right to see the selected coin's Airdrop status.
  • To participate you need first to enter your wallet address in the first input field and click `JOIN AIRDROP`.
  • To add the coin to your watchlist by clicking the star icon on step 2.
  • To vote the coin for the displayed amount of times by clicking `vote` in step 3.
  • You will have to vote every day during the airdrop duration to be able to qualify for the rewards.
  • If you forget about it that's ok, you will have an airdrop alert on top of your screen every day until you remember to vote.
  • When the Airdrop has ended you will be able to see this image on your screen.
  • You should contact the project owners to find out how they will do reward distribution and how to claim your rewards.
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