New Cryptos To Invest in (and Where to Find Them)

By the Coinscope Team·23 Feb 2022·
New Cryptos To Invest in (and Where to Find Them)

2021 could be considered a boom year for cryptocurrencies. The total crypto market cap increased from $770 billion to over $2.2 trillion, and the number of cryptocurrencies listed increased from 10,000 to 16,000.

It can be challenging to pick a real winner due to the sheer proliferation of coins out there, but if you were an early investor in the top coins, you might very well have ended the year as a millionaire.

Top Performing Coins of 2021

Shibu Inu saw a 43 million percent increase between January and December. If you spent $100 in Shiba Inu in January and sold it one year later, you’d have made a cool $53 million (If you were smart enough to sell when it peaked in October, you’d be even richer).

LUNA also saw a 13,790% gain in 2021. Starting at $0.65, it reached a high of $103.33 by the end of December. AXS, a utility coin used to play within the Pokemon-inspired play-to-earn metaverse Axie Infinity, started 2021 trading at $0.53 and climbed to $164 in November. Another winner was Solana from SOL. It started trading at $1.52, hit $50 in mid-May, and then reached an all-time high of $259 in November.

The massive gains that new entrants to the market saw in 2021 have inspired budding investors to search for the “next big thing,” buying crypto at a low price early and selling for major returns within a few months or a year.

Crypto Success Stories

Critics may say that no one except the crypto founders are making money from digital currencies, but the new wave of crypto millionaires beg to differ. Even New York major Eric Adams has asked for his first three paychecks in bitcoin and has argued that crypto-investing should be taught in schools.

Here are a few of the top crypto success stories we’ve encountered:

Roger Ver

Roger Ver was one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin and other start-ups. He made a fortune of $520 million through his investments. While Ver was a college dropout, he was always entrepreneurial - and taking risks. He was even arrested for selling fireworks without a license before turning to crypto-investing.

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Mr. Smith

While Mr. Smith gave Forbes magazine an interview in 2017, he didn’t reveal his identity - and for good reason. He is currently flying around the globe, staying in five-star hotels, and eating in fine restaurants thanks to the fortune he made in cryptocurrency.

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According to the article, the mysterious investor was a recent college graduate and software engineer when he spent $3000 on bitcoin on a whim - and forgot about it. In 2013, when BTC skyrocketed, he realised that he was a millionaire. He sold off a few coins in the early days and made roughly $25 million off his initial investment. He initially paid $0.15 per coin and still owns 1,000 bitcoins, which he intends to sell when the price reaches $150,000.

Warehouse Worker to Millionaire

An unnamed warehouse worker in the UK retired at 35 after investing £6000 in Shiba Inu when it launched. The coin’s value increased dramatically by 700,000%, and he was able to sell his coins and become a millionaire overnight.

Cooper Turley

25-year old Cooper Turley is linked to several crypto projects and has become a multimillionaire in the last two years, despite losing his entire Ethereum investment at one point. He is entirely self-taught.

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Glauber Contessoto

Many people thought that Glauber Contessoto was crazy to pour his savings into Dogecoin, a currency that began as a joke. Employed in the music industry and coming from an impoverished background, Contessoto raised over $250,000 to invest in Dogecoin when it was selling for a few cents and became a millionaire two months later at 33.

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While cryptocurrencies aren’t considered risk-free, it is becoming a legitimate, mainstream investment, and market trends reflect that:

  • State-issued digital coins will compete with crypto as central banks start issuing their own coins. Japan and Sweden have already experimented with state-issued digital currencies.
  • Cryptocurrencies may become legal tender in several countries. It’s already the case in El Salvador, and more will follow.
  • There will be new laws governing cryptocurrency companies and increased regulation.

While this may have some fallout in the cryptocurrency world, it all points in the same direction. Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a recognised and reputable investment.

Where to Find Newly Launched Coins?

You need to know where to find them if you want to get in on the bottom floor when cryptos first launch. You also need to know if they are legitimate. The newly launched Squid Game token pocketed nearly $3-million in investor funds before pulling the token after a week.

Early listing site offers investors the opportunity to purchase new tokens as they are launched. The site conducts audits into each new currency and provides a general score - but also plenty of additional information that you can use to review each coin carefully before investing.

Unlike YouTube or social media advisors and forums, Coinscope doesn’t make objective recommendations. It empowers you with information to reach your own conclusions about a coin. Several features help you review the performance of coins and your current portfolio so that you can have all of the data you need for crypto investment success at your fingertips at all times.

With crypto, you need to get in at the right time and have accurate information to decide. Coinscope is where you should start.

By the Coinscope Team·23 Feb 2022·

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