Binance Smart Chain

What is DOGE DNA?

DOGE DNA has got the DNA of its father Doge which has evolved to be a true decentralised community coin.

Hyper Deflationary – Auto burning of coins to reduce supply.

Static Rewards to Holders – Holders get rewarded in WETH to just hold DOGE DNA Coin

Lottery system – Holders can earn extra reward by Holding Doge DNA and by Becoming advocates and promoters of coin.

Auto Buyback Liquidity – DOGE DNA has a true auto Buyback system built in to keep the price floor up even by buying back DOGE DNA coin and burning them automatically while adding BNB to the liquidity pool to raise price.

Locked Liquidity – the liquidity will be locked to keep everyone safe.

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Launched30 Aug 2021
Added21 Aug 2021