Presale Phase

What is Dogereversed?

DogeReversed will burn much and wow the Dogecoin community all around the world.

A new crypto from the Dogecoin family tree will give birth by the Dogecoin community from Grandpa Doge all the way to Babydoge community.

Dogereversed will much impress his family by showing his new improved transaction speeds & burn.

Dogereversed is different then all the family because he is made to burn and wow the community and holders at the same time with a 12% tax fee from which 8% of that 12% will go to burn wallet and the other 4% to LP, and 1% to our much cute holders.

Dogereversed is made from the real dogecoin community the real hodlers who need tokens by holding and staying loyal to the greatest meme of all time but they also need to see it burn as every transaction happens.

We dare YOU to sell.

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Launched23 Jul 2021
Added22 Jul 2021