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What is Khaby Inu?

Khaby Inu is here to make your life simple. DeFi does not need to be complicated. $KHABY has been created to help make DeFi more accessible and easier to use for the common man. It is a project that has been conceptualised to allow easy access to DeFi to anyone, no matter what age they are. DeFi is just a matter of a few clicks!

$KHABY combines the best from all worlds into one token package; providing a non-inflationary Yield Farming incentive. As $KHABY simplifies the life of everyone, it brings all of us together. Together we achieve financial freedom – all through simplicity! $KHABY wants a better world for people. Hence a portion of the transaction fees generated from $KHABY traded will be donated to schools for the education of children.

$KHABY focuses strongly on promoting positive thinking and DeFi education; both are necessary to free yourself from the 9 – 5! This token inspires us to do more than provide basic value exchanging services.

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Launched23 Nov 2021
Added22 Nov 2021