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What is Legends Of Anarchy?

Legends Of Anarchy is here and currently in the presale phase.


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privacy focused utilities.

Brief introduction.

AnonSecure is the flagship project in the Anarchy Token Ecosystem. AnonSecure provides privacy and anonymity to blockchain transactions by mixing transfers with the pooled funds within Anarchy Ecosystem. AnonSecure ensures outgoing transfers remain anonymous utilizing built in VPN and mixing protocols. Our state of the art mixer code, will ensure the traceability of your transfers is obscure, along with your online identity

Anarchy Token has includes automated liquidity compiling to replenish the token’s liquidity pool. Anarchy will not use bots to manipulate the price or attempt any pump and dumps as we establish a serious, legitimate project with morals. Anarchy will have a 5% tax on all transactions.Transfers from wallet to wallet, sells, and buys.

WEB: https://anarchytoken.net/

TOKEN ADDRESS – 0xED2d42118d8f98709c2BC96c6422093C82bC82e6

TG: https://t.me/LegendsOfAnarchyToken

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Launched30 Nov 2021
Added09 Nov 2021