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What is Sterobot?

Sterobot The only token that trades for you.

Sterobot token has the most unique and innovative use case that is going to change the crypto game forever. This is the best project of this year by far.

Sterobot token use a 12% tax on every buy and sell and send 3% to a trading bot wallet. This wallet will be used by 5 different trading bots that will trade all type of coins, meme coins, shit coins, alt coins and major coins. Then all the profits from the trading bot will be converted back to Sterobot tokens and reflected back to the holders.

This way you get to have a piece of the whole crypto market by just holding Sterobot tokens.

That’s not all, we are going to release our Stero Dashboard with lots of features accessible only by Sterobot holders. Some of our unique features are:

Live stream trading bots:

Each one of our trading bot will be installed on a dedicated server and live streamed 24/7 so all holders can watch and track all the trading history.

Trading Simulator

A free training simulator with live charts that will also used to collect data for our own trading bot algorithm.

Knowledge Center

A full library with tools, guides, tips podcasts and more for all levels of traders.

Trading Academy

Access to courses no trading lessons, chat and consult with financial advisors and trading experts.

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Launched02 Jul 2021
Added18 Jul 2021