What is NFTVerse?

🔥NFT & DEFI Platform powered by NFTVerse $NVERSE Token 🔥

NFTVerse is the first multi-chain platform for rewarding its holders in ETH and BNB. NFTVerse is committed to build key infrastructure for a true metaverse including NFT and DeFi. NFTVerse is inspired by the year 2500, when the earth was on the verge of collapse.

🚨Fair Launch: 12 Nov at 5PM UTC 🚨

NFTVerse is a community-focused multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform. The aim is to provide a premium multi-chain NFT marketplace to customers from all over the world as well as a DeFi platform with yield farming options and a launchpad to assist artists and projects in gaining early support.

The $NVERSE token is a vital part of the platform and performs an essential application role. It can be used for paying fees on the platform and additionally as a reward instrument for customers. Additionally, the $NVERSE token enables the holder to receive distinctive drops just for holding. The team pursuits to continuously enhance the deflationary mechanisms and inspire customers to hold and use their $NVERSE tokens through a buyback & burn wallet.


Supply : 10 Billions

Marketing & Initiatives: 4%

BuyBack & Burn: 4%

Auto-Liquidity: 2%

Redistribution in ETH and BNB: 2% 💥

🔥 Roadmap

⚡️ Preparation & Launch ⚡️

Concept and idea; start of development

$NVERSE smart contract development & deployment

Marketplace launch with multiple artist collections

Solidity Finance smart contract security audit pre-launch

Referral program launch to incentivize influencers & creators

Redesign and UX improvements

NFTVerse scout program launch (get paid $NVERSE to find NFT creators)

Additional language support in Chinese, Hindi and Spanish

Yield farming and liquidity initiatives on PancakeSwap

Weekly live streaming and virtual events

⚡️Road to Adoption & Domination ⚡️

Cross-chain support: Fantom, Solana, Cardano, Ethereum L2

Lootboxes as NFTs

Royalty sharing system - split fees between minters and owners

Fiat on-ramp integration

NFTVerse marketplace rewards mining program

Voting and governance system

NFTVerse airdrops for active users

Additional security audits (platform & smart contract)

Extended marketplace documentation release

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Launched12 Oct 2021
Added09 Nov 2021