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What is AntRace?

🔥The AntRace Game🔥

🔹AntRace is NFT based Online Multiplayer Game, in a fast-paced real-time strategy style.

🔹Dive into the world of excitement and competition, where only holders of $ANTRACE tokens worth 0.05 BNB can participate!

🔹Compete to be the ultimate champion in each ant race, vying for the top spot!

🔹Strategize and sabotage your opponents by deploying obstacles and traps!

🔹Dress up your ants with unique costumes available for purchase using $ANTRACE tokens!

🔹Win big! Each race's first-place finisher will be rewarded with $10 worth of $ANTRACE tokens!

🔹Use $ANTRACE tokens to acquire obstacles and traps to give yourself an edge over your rivals!

🔥Play & Earn🔥

🔹Earn AntRace tokens by playing our exclusive play-to-earn game, Grab power-ups to further increase your ant earning power or potentially revive your character.

🔥Online Game Marketplace🔥

🔹Simply buy NFTs in our Online Game Marketplace.



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USD Price$0.00000000000037
Price Change 1h0.03%
Price Change 24h0.12%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000376089


Launched26 Jul 2023
Added26 Jul 2023