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What is Arab Pepe?

ArabPepe is an innovative memecoin with a unique mission within the crypto space. Rather than solely focusing on cultural identities, ArabPepe aims to revolutionize the snack industry by becoming an online store that offers people healthy candy and snack options, specifically catering to the preference for gelatine-free (halal) products.

With a vision to provide worldwide distribution, ArabPepe is currently exploring partnerships with manufacturers in the Middle East, known for their diverse and delicious culinary offerings. By sourcing high-quality snacks, ArabPepe aims to deliver a delightful snacking experience to individuals globally, while ensuring adherence to halal standards.

What sets ArabPepe apart is its commitment to giving back to its community and supporting the memecoin ecosystem. Out of the net profit generated, 30% will be allocated for various purposes. Specifically, 15% will be used to buy and burn ArabPepe (APEPE) tokens, reducing the token supply and potentially increasing its value. The remaining 15% will be used to buy and burn CLRS tokens, fostering a collaborative relationship within the memecoin space.

ArabPepe also aims to establish partnerships with different meme projects, enabling the creation of themed products. Every six months, a new collection will be launched in collaboration with new or existing partners, offering unique and exciting products that align with the meme culture. This collaborative approach ensures continuous innovation and a diverse range of offerings for the community.

Join ArabPepe in its mission to provide delicious and halal snacks while actively contributing to the growth of the memecoin ecosystem. Together, let's snack healthy, meme-inspired, and support a vibrant community of snack enthusiasts and meme lovers.

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Launched24 Jun 2023
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