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What is Ball Inu?

To celebrate the World Cup, we are launching Ball Inu, a Web 3.0 platform for Football Fans & Pet Lovers. Now, Football fans over the world not only watch exciting matches and top-notch competitions but also participate in the game and make accurate predictions to get rewards and easy profits.

If you're a Ball Inu holder, you're waiting for the crazes to keep coming. The combination of football, gamefi, DeFi and socialfi, Ball Inu allows players to join our ecosystem and receive rewards from within the game through challenging missions, competing with other players, or seeking rewards from the NFTs. In particular, players can predict the results of World Cup 2022 matches to receive attractive rewards.

Ball Inu will be available on both iOS and Android

Mission and vision

Ball Inu's mission is to become a bridge between football fans and web 3.0, bring football into the world of Metaverse, and apply Blockchain technology and DeFi to the sport of kings.

Realizing the potential of king sport and the 2022 World Cup event taking place in Qatar, we decided to build Ball Inu. Our goal is to create a platform where football fans not only satisfy their passion but also safely invest their money so that they can earn profit from their passion and other online activities.

In the future, as the project grows and becomes more widely known, we will expand our connection with brands, influencers, and clubs to create an interest-based ecosystem, not only for football but also for all other hobbies.

We bring passion to Metaverse and beyond.

GameFi Features

Ball Inu with a combination of games and finance, GameFi elements give users moments of entertainment and the opportunity to earn money easily from their passion.

Ball Inu has the following GameFi components:

✅ In-game assets: In-game NFT

✅ Prediction

✅ Tournament

✅ Challenge

There are also a few special functions in the project such as:

✅ Referral Program

✅ NFT Forge

✅ Marketplace

✅ NFT lending/borrowing

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Launched09 Aug 2022
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