Lazy Blob


What is Lazy Blob?

🐡 Lazy Blob - A funny blob with bold thoughts has come to the world of Memecoin 🐡

Meet the Lazy Blobfish, a super lazy creature that avoids work at all costs. The Lazy Blobfish game is all about this funny character. It's an HTML5 physics game where you have to throw falling blobfish into anemones by bouncing them off starfish. The aim is to reach the target in each level. The best part? After completing a level, you earn rewards in the form of $BLOB tokens. So, get ready for a fun adventure with the Lazy Blobfish and enjoy earning tokens as you conquer each level of the game. Join the Lazy Blob community now and experience the joy of playing a relaxing game while also earning rewards.

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Launched07 Jul 2023
Added28 Jun 2023