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What is Crypto Legions Bloodstone v3?

❤️Crypto Legions is a mythological play to earn game on the Binance Smart Chain. Players need to create powerful legions from warriors and beasts and use them to hunt the deadliest monsters on the planet Nicah, in the Kolb galaxy.

❤️The strongest legions will be able to kill the most deadly monsters and collect vast amounts of precious $BLOODSTONE. This precious resource is essential for the creation, survival and strengthening of every legion.

❤️Crypto Legions utilises blockchain technology to give players the ability to create and develop valuable, player-owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which can easily be traded through our in-game marketplace.

❤️Important: in Crypto Legions the ‘minting’ process is called ‘summoning’ to fit the storyline. So from here onwards in this whitepaper you will find ‘summon’ instead of ‘mint’ in the context of minting warriors/beasts.

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Market Cap0.35% $3,870,000,000,000,000
USD Price$0.000000000000038
Price Change 1h0.41%
Price Change 24h0.35%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000038186


Launched20 Jun 2023
Added20 Jun 2023