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What is BoredSpace?

Our vision

BoredSpaceLabs is an integrated SocialFi platform for Shared Earn.

BoredSpaceLabs is the first Web3 nft social platform built on BSC, which introduced the "Social to Earn & NFT Social" mode into its features to enable users to socialize in the environment where they tactfully incorporate NFT fragments.

The current social media space is dominated by Web 2.0 giants such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Twitter, Google, and Tencent. These massive centralized players have successfully monopolized the industry, resulting in services that do not always cater to the best interests of users. However, a new trend known as SocialFi may threaten the status quo.

The short-term goal of Bored Space is to use blockchain technology to solve user social pain points and put a series of critical web 3.0 features into practical applications. The long-term goal is to become a new entrance to the high-frequency social activities of the crypto population and thus to become the gateway of Metaverse.

We are here to build a platform together where you have control over your data, and get rewarded by creating high-quality content.


BoredSpaceLabs integrated its DAO governance system with a decentralized rewarding mechanism to launch a platform with versatile NFT gameplay functions and customized socializing features. The process includes inviting various communities from NFT game players socializing enthusiasts to KOLs to build a solid socializing program to provide users with an optimized social interaction platform.

Genuinely native crypto and NFT-dedicated social media platforms with a high density of fans have not yet been born. And while there are over 100 million wallet addresses globally and the number of crypto and NFT enthusiasts keeps growing every day,there are more and more Web3 social platforms out there, there is a lack of a platform to truly create sustainable EARN, which is clearly what BoredSpace is trying to do

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Launched20 Oct 2022
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