BLVT Token


What is BLVT Token?

BlocVault: Ease Of Use.

The BlocVault Ecosystem is a suite of modules that brings together everything you need to trade and interact with your digital assets online on our website and on the go through our state of the art mobile app.

Within the ecosystem we have got exactly everything you need for your daily blockchain business including the highest rewarding staking/vesting program on the market called BlocVest with up to 120% APY reflected in BUSD to ensure a stable price on returns.

You can also find an NFT marketplace, the BlocWallet, BlocChat, BlocTrack, BlocSwap, BlocPay and The BlocVault which is a offline solution to taking your assets off the blockchain to keep them safe and secure in your own vault. Using high level firewall security, secure access fingerprint id and two step verification we introduce the first ever mobile and web based cold storage.

Are you ready to enter the future of interacting with digital assets?

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Launched16 Feb 2022
Added20 Nov 2021