Cosmo Kangaroo


Cosmo Kangaroo to USD Chart

What is Cosmo Kangaroo?

Cosmo Kangaroo (COSMO) is an audacious, innovative, and fun-filled meme token that embarks its holders on a unique journey across the galactic frontier. Crafted under the guidance of GPT-4, COSMO isn't just a token but an interstellar adventure, representing a marsupial moonwalk across the cosmos of cryptocurrency.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, COSMO takes advantage of the security and transparency of this network, ensuring a secure and seamless experience for all its users. The token aims to provide sustainability, value, and excitement, with a total supply of 49 billion tokens and a meticulously planned distribution system designed to foster healthy growth and a strong community.

Every COSMO token holder is not only an investor but also a fellow adventurer, part of a dedicated community that is deeply engaged with the project and its development.

Cosmo Kangaroo embodies the true spirit of the crypto world – fearless exploration, wild imagination, and relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. As it bounces its way through the cryptocurrency universe, COSMO is all set to take meme coins to a place where no kangaroo has ever ventured before!

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Market Cap1.33% $2,360,409
USD Price$0.000048
Price Change 1h0.36%
Price Change 24h1.33%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000048171612813393


Launched15 Jun 2023
Added23 Jun 2023