Cypherpunk Token

Binance Smart Chain
Ownership is Renounced

What is Cypherpunk Token?

Service prices in the crypto space are reaching the sky, we believe it is important to make such technology available to anyone who has an idea, even for projects with low budget or no budget at all.

Our main goal is to simplify your project's initial and ongoing development process by providing a platform where you can create a token for your project, maintain your smart contracts and reach your target audience with just a few clicks, for the lowest price possible.

We are an independent marketing and development agency with years of experience in web design, app development and online advertisement specialized in crypto. We have qualified system analyst, smart contract developer, dAPP developer and marketing specialists amongst our ranks

The 4 core pillars of our ecosystem are designed to stand their grounds individually, each has it's own target audience and marketing strategy. While our aim is to support small or medium size projects we believe it is only achievable if we create services not just for them, but for the ones with higher budget, and then reinvest the revenue generated in our incubated tokens. That way we will be able to maintain the cash flow necessary for the long run without compromise and also we will have the ability to provide high-level services for the lowest fees possible to projects created under our flag.

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Launched08 May 2023
Added07 May 2023