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What is DogeVerseToken?

The DogeVerseToken($DVT) is a Metaverse token that provides passive income solutions in DogeChampionsNFT game. The DogeChampionsNFT is the start-up project, and now it is expanding. The DogeChampions is fully on-chain decentralized web3 game. Minter and holders of the NFTs earn passive income from every re-sale on the marketplace. Currently, marketplace and tournament gameplay is up and running. The DogeVerseToken was planned to be deployed after the Craft Game is released but the team decided to go with the token first. Initially (before Craft Game) $DVT will bring passive income solutions to both token holders and NFT holders. The DogeChampionsNFT holders earn $DVT as long as they hold their NFTs. Most of the $DVT is locked until next January as we will be deploying the Craft Game at that time, and the Craft Game will use some portion of the DogeVerseToken($DVT) as a reward in the game. By joining $DVT presale, you get a chance to mint free DogeChampionsNFTs! For every 1 BNB contribution, the contributer will get 8 free NFTs. Join the adventure by contributing this presale and earn free NFTs to start playing! Please visit our website for further details.

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