What is FloshinX?

The FloshinX token is an ERC20 token that functions on the Ethereum network. Unlike other tokens, it has no ownership and aligns with the core values of Bitcoin.

The goal of this token is to enhance accessibility to decentralised financial services within the Floshin Superapp ecosystem, providing users with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Investors will have the opportunity to gain true-profits from our dApps by holding FloshinX tokens.

Token Specification:

Name: FloshinX

Symbol: FLO

Total Fixed Supply: 100,000,000

Tax: 0%

Network: Ethereum

Contract Address: 0xFd28F089BE1D4c9046E0D6f8d208696Da98b53A2

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Launched29 Jul 2023
Added29 Jun 2023