FoxNetwork to USD Chart

What is FoxNetwork?

$FOXN Blockchain

FOX Network, Our IT team will work on all the features in stages,

once they are competitive enough with others, we are ready to launch them to the public.

RoadMap Phase 1

Our focus is on building a community, After launching on Pancakeswap we will maximize marketing, and listing on Coingecko & CoinMarketcap, we will trend on various charts such as : poocoin, geckoterminal, dexview, dextool,, etc.

Phase 2

After All Achievements, we will Release $FOXN on all blockchains apart from binance, and Listing on famous CEX to Increase Transaction Volume.

Phase 3

After Listing on all CEX, We will create our own Blockchain under the name FOX Network, and Collaborate with Pinksale & Gempad.

Phase 4

You only need to hold for 3 months, you can already have a Lambo, we will chase the price of $ PEPE.


This is a community token, The team will benefit from Every utility we have, we will launch new products all the time and prices will go up.

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Launched07 Jun 2023
Added11 Jun 2023