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What is Grape Governance?

Grape is the only layer one ecosystem that combines 2 proprietary solutions based on DAG and AI to power virtual worlds and DApps.

What is Grape?

Grape is the first web4-type technology created to support the true decentralization of the internet.

Grape believes that to provide a wide audience with easy access to data decentralization, the infrastructure should have a simple interface enabling a codeless approach from top to bottom.

What are interoperable NFTs?

NFT interoperability is the possibility of moving away from isolating NFTs within one project. It is a process of standardizing the creation and transfer of NFTs between projects. For example, the same game asset in one GameFi project can be transferred and used in a different metaverse, which can lead to a bigger user base for both projects.

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Market Cap2.34% $3,537,533,999,999
USD Price$0.000000000000035
Price Change 1h0.14%
Price Change 24h2.34%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000035149


Launched24 Jun 2023
Added24 Jun 2023