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What is Hold 2 Earn?

About Hold 2 Earn

What makes $H2E different from other projects?

1. "Hold to Earn" Concept: Simply holding H2E Tokens in your wallet automatically rewards you with more tokens, similar to staking but without the need for token locking. This grants you the freedom to sell your tokens while still earning rewards.

2. Flexibility and Rewards: Staking H2E Token is flexible and rewarding. Holding the tokens in your wallet makes you eligible for rewards. Whenever there's a transaction involving H2E Token, rewards are distributed to all token holders. This allows you to earn rewards without time commitments or obligations, whether you hold the tokens long term or sell them for quick gains.

3. Deflationary Token: H2E Token is a deflationary token, benefiting its holders. Its tokenomics gradually reduce the token supply, creating scarcity and potentially increasing the token's value. This incentivizes holding, rewarding long-term investors with potential price appreciation and value accumulation.

4. Anti-Whale and Anti-Dump Measures: To ensure fairness, H2E Token implements anti-whale and anti-dump measures. Only 1% of the token supply can be sold per transaction, and sellers face a one-minute cooldown period for each wallet transaction. These measures promote a stable and controlled trading environment, reducing sudden price crashes and market manipulation.

About The Project

In the cryptocurrency world, there have been popular methods for earning rewards: "play to earn" (P2E) and "move to earn" (M2E). However, these methods have lost their effectiveness recently. That's where $H2E Token comes in to introduce a new META "Hold 2 Earn" (H2E).

Stealth Launch on Pancakeswap

No Presale ✅

No Private Sale ✅

No Team Tokens ✅

Starting LP 2 BNB ✅


Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000

100% Liquidity


5% Marketing

4% Staking Rewards

1% Burn Tokens

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Launched12 Jul 2023
Added05 Jul 2023