Intelligent Signals

Binance Smart Chain

What is Intelligent Signals?

90% of traders lose money trading in the crypto markets. Intelligent Signals ( Insig) have developed a revolutionary AI-driven SAAS platform that identifies specific patterns and movements in crypto charts. We are the first to create Visual Signalling Technology (VST), the trigger signal determining buying, selling, or holding. Our token INSIG will be used in our ecosystem to purchase subscriptions, play crypto games, stake and learn. We have also developed a Crypto debit card that will be part of our ecosystem so you can TRADE, PROFIT and SPEND !! Our AI platform has a 7 out of 10 win rate. Unlike many projects, we will have a very strong business case use with our subscribers driving growth; we aim to have 25,000 monthly subscribers in year 1.

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Launched26 Jun 2023
Added20 Jun 2023