Kazama Senshi

Binance Smart Chain
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What is Kazama Senshi?

The Kazama Senshi token becomes the native token of KazamaSwap, a DeFi platform where you can stake the KAZAMA token (flexible & locked) where the locked pays a higher APY, farm liquidity tokens in normal and boosted yield farms (locked stake required for boosted farms), enter lotteries, NFT Marketplace, and more. Because the KAZAMA token will be used for all these and future DeFi products, it has a lot of utilities, but that's not all!

The token itself, is also an interesting token. With every transaction, 2.75% of the total supply is automatically burned, so the entire community is continuously burning tokens unconsciously, the oven is constantly on! Do you decide not to use your tokens for staking, farming, lotteries etc and just keep them in your wallet? Then you get BUSD rewards! In addition to being a self-burning token, the KAZAMA token is also a reflection token where 5% is used by the contract for BUSD rewards, 3% for automatic liquidity generation, 2% for funds to be collected for automatic buybacks and 3% is a treasury fairy used to inject the lottery and burn extra KAZAMA.

It is also a governance token to vote with or to make proposals with. The more KAZAMA you own, the greater your voting power (including staked tokens or tokens in yield farms). Call it the CAKE token on steroids!

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Launched14 Oct 2022
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