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GryffindorSlytherinRetroArcade09inu to USD Chart

What is GryffindorSlytherinRetroArcade09inu?

To be completely honest, some might say there is no hope left in the catching the next 100x token.

To this we say Expelliarmus! The Expelliarmus spell is an incantation that's often used in wizarding duels. It's also known as the Disarming Charm.

This token represents the future of the crypto space.Take all the famous face associated with cryptocurrency and put the sacred sorting hat on their big domes and let us see what house they belong too.

This token is essentially the most inferior among a category of already inferior meme coins.Think of it as the spell Wingardium Leviosa which is the spell that nearly ended Hermione and Ron’s relationship way before it began, when Hermione went full know-it-all:"boo-hoo"

When accompanied by the right wand movement, it causes objects to levitate. Obviously Hermione got it straight away, and Ron mercilessly mocked her for being a teacher's pet. However, when Hermione overheard Ron's cruel words and ran to the girl's bathroom for a little cry, Ron ended up using Wingardium Leviosa to save Hermione's life from a giant troll, who just so happened to be in the bathroom at the same time. What goes around comes around.

This coin is the holly grail of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Admittedly, it falls under the same umbrella of subpar cryptocurrencies, but it distinguishes itself by directly exposing the irrationality inherent in the chaotic realm of speculative coins, Ethereum-based gambling, and meme-driven cryptocurrencies.

The roadmap is simple. Whatever happens, happens.


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Market Cap3.53% $6,972
USD Price$0.000069
Price Change 1h0.36%
Price Change 24h3.53%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000067194667327472


Launched09 Sep 2023
Added10 Aug 2023