NALI Project


What is NALI Project?

NALI Project is an NFT ecosystem that sees the development of several areas of interest:

- NAO : a democratic, decentralized community proposal voting system.

- ALTAIR : a system of fully decentralized MEV Bots ( LIVE NOW ) on the major mainnets and an investment club platform on which to copy trade and manage funds

- ORION : a system for securing noncustodial wallets.

- STARDUST : a mainstream NFT marketplace specializing in indie music

- LIBRAE : a dedicated platform that will allow holders of the specific NFTs to share in a % share of the earnings of NALI's platforms

- DRACO : a platform that will enable the business and real economy to create NFTs that self-certify various business processes

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Launched19 Apr 2023
Added19 Apr 2023