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What is Rick Coin?

Rick Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the meme coin market. Unlike traditional meme coins, Rick Coin offers more than just a catchy name. It is the native token of GalaxyTrade, a 100% decentralized perpetual exchange that allows users to trade major cryptocurrencies, Forex, and Metals with up to 100x leverage directly from their wallets.

GalaxyTrade, powered by Rick Coin, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular spot and perpetual DEXs on the Polygon network. It offers low trading fees and zero price-impact trades, making it an attractive choice for traders.

Rick Coin holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens, earning a share of the platform's revenue. This provides an additional income stream and further incentivizes holding the token. The platform uses USDC as collateral for orders, allowing users to go long or short to profit from price movements.

Additionally, GalaxyTrade introduces a unique pooling feature. Users can pool their funds, which can then be borrowed by traders for leverage. The pool profits from traders' losses, back profits, and all liquidation set at an 80% margin.

In terms of tokenomics, Rick Coin has a planned presale on a decentralized Launchpad, where 60% of the tokens will be offered. The remaining 30% will be allocated for liquidity on Uniswap. Of the funds raised in ETH, 51% will be added to the liquidity pool, along with the 30% of $RICK tokens.

Rick Coin, with its unique proposition and potential utility, presents an exciting opportunity for investors in the meme coin market. Its emphasis on decentralization and user empowerment sets it apart from other meme coins, making it a promising prospect for future growth.

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Launched29 May 2023
Added26 May 2023