Harry Potter Elon Hallow33n

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What is Harry Potter Elon Hallow33n?

Introducing HarryPotterElonHalloween (Ticker: SBF), a captivating decentralized project that combines the enchantment of Harry Potter, the innovation of Elon Musk, and the excitement of Halloween. With a reduced supply of 100,000 tokens, including a 50% intentional burn and a maximum wallet cap of 2%, this project ensures scarcity and decentralization.


Total Supply: 100,000 tokens

50% intentionally burned for increased scarcity

Maximum Wallet Holding: 2% to promote fairness and decentralization

Tax: 2% on both buy and sell transactions for ecosystem growth

Within just 24 hours of launch, the community-driven HarryPotterElonHalloween has showcased its strong appeal. Embracing its enchanting themes and robust tokenomics, it aims to carve a unique space in the crypto world, bringing together magic, innovation, and community engagement.

🚀 Join us in this magical journey of decentralized finance! 🚀

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Market Cap0.74% $1,521
USD Price$0.034
Price Change 24h0.74%
24h Low / 24h High$0.03363789809797593


Launched28 Aug 2023
Added29 Aug 2023