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What is ShibaWarp?

ShibaWarp is a meme-coin inspired project designed to elevate the native Shiba Inu token to the .01 price point milestone. ShibaWarp is a project that will utilize two utilities to increase the value of itself, as well as the native Shiba Inu token. The first utility is the buy back and burn of the native Shiba Inu token. No investor wants to spend money on a token, and then permanently burn it. For investors that's a waste of money. ShibaWarp tackles this problem by utilizing a percentage of its taxes to buy back the native Shiba Inu token and send it to the Shiba Inu burn wallet address permanently. The second utility of ShibaWarp is to buy back and distribute the native Shiba Inu token to all the ShibaWarp holders, in accordance with their ShibaWarp holding size. Again, buying into a project whose price point is stagnant isn't the best investing strategy, because the goal of investing is to make money and increase the value of your investments. ShibaWarp offers three different avenues for a positive R.O.I. to its investors. We burn native Shiba Inu tokens, helping to decrease supply and increase value. We distribute Shiba Inu tokens to our holders dependent on thier holding size. And there is also the value of the ShibaWarp token itself. As the popularity of ShibaWarp raises, the value of the token will climb. So holding ShibaWarp will not only deposit free Shiba Inu native tokens to its holders, help increase the burn rate of the native Shiba Inu token, but the intrinsic value of the ShibaWarp token (as determined by market conditions at any given time) will also add value to our holders wallets.

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StatusStarted 21 days ago
Start Date12 Sep 2023
TypeNormal Presale
Soft Cap15 ETH
Hard Cap30 ETH


Launched13 Sep 2023
Added06 Sep 2023