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What is SciMatic+ COIN?


This project aims to establish a hybrid decentralized system based on blockchain, IPFS and traditional shared database to deal with big data and large

files. This project will increase industry – academia – public sector collaboration. This project will prove that blockchain technology can be used for big data.

Additionally, this project will bring true democracy and decentralization to the scientific literature. This project will result in SciChain (blockchain), SciNet

(p2p network), and many decentralized

applications to be used in the educational and research institutions in addition to the public usage in daily life.


This project will help entrepreneurs, SMEs, and public & private institutions. Short term target groups are researchers, academicians, students, teachers, scientific journals, publishing companies.

Long term target groups are universities, higher education institutions, financial organizations etc.There are also plans to do social projects for street animals in the later stages.

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Launched26 Feb 2023
Added12 Mar 2023