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What is Shell Network?

Shell Network is an innovative blockchain platform that combines Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Cosmos SDK to create a powerful and versatile ecosystem. It aims to provide developers and enterprises with a scalable, interoperable, and secure infrastructure.

By integrating EVM and Cosmos SDK, Shell Network enables seamless interaction between Ethereum and other chain within the Cosmos SDK's ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for cross-chain communication and collaboration.

Overall, Shell Network aims to revolutionize the blockchain by combining the strengths of EVM and Cosmos SDK, providing scalability, interoperability, and security to empower developers and enterprises to build the next generation of decentralized applications and blockchain solutions.

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Market Cap‹0.36% $99
USD Price$0.00000033
Price Change 1h›0.69%
Price Change 24h‹0.36%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000328624004696


Launched03 Jun 2023
Added03 Jun 2023