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What is SnoopApe?

Welcome to Snoop Ape

A revolutionary Ecosystem developed with the latest Web3 technology catered specifically for passive income.

We designed our Dashboard as a total control center for user to access our tools as well as to manage their assets and passive income.

It is developed with modern programming languages such as ReactJS, NodeJS and consists of 5 sections :

Chart & Summary Center



NFT Minting

NFT Staking

1, Staking

SnoopApe offers a revolutionary staking system with fixed APY. User have the option to enter a pool and lock their tokens inside for a duration of 30/60/90/120 days.

The APY value correlates with lock duration hence a longer lock period will yield a higher APY.

It is possible to claim (harvest) the farmed tokens within the staking platform once the lock period has been fulfilled. User who wishes to continue staking and reinvesting may choose to compound the farmed tokens at any given time which in return would increase the APY.

Our staking platform is also designed to gain passive income in USDC from SnoopApe's daily trading volume.

2, NFT Minting

SnoopApe was born with a very specific objective that is to offer users with 360-degree services. Upon consideration, we decided that SnoopApe should also incorporate great NFT Utilities.

Our NFTs were designed with passion and besides looking fantastic, they also give the possibility of providing a return on investment with passive income all from staking.

3, NFT Staking

Staking of NFT(s) is one of the hot spots on our dashboard. Mint an NFTs right away and stake them for awesome rewards and passive income.


Snoop Ape is your key to access this passive income ecosystem.

Snoop Ape aims to revolutionize passive income.

Buy Tax: 10%

Sell Tax: 10%

Wallet Transfers: 0%

Staking Performance Fees: 2%

Tax Distribution:

5% BUSD Reward

3% Marketing

1% Dev

1% Auto Liquidity

Total Supply:

Snoop Ape contract address: 0x0a01de124955196f3a7315e74cb053bcf53a0c85


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Launched22 Aug 2022
Added22 Aug 2022