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What is TopStars?


It is a totally original concept on the Blockchain, TopStars is born to help emerging artists in the beginning of their music career and create a closer relationship between them and their fans.

Artists will be able to participate in the international song contest, limited to 100 artists per year, from which they will get visibility and resources to build loyalty with fans and holders. The artists themselves, motivated to increase their profits, will strive to promote the contest among their fans, who in turn will be encouraged to become holders to obtain the rights and benefits granted by the NFTs of their artists, making the TopStars community grow day by day.

Original and Exclusive Blockchain Project

In ⭐️TopStars⭐️ we seek to develop an ecosystem in which all participants enjoy an important role in it, while being rewarded and motivated with each other in the project, creating a perfect symbiosis.

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Launched15 Sep 2022
Added31 Mar 2022