Tyrion Token

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What is Tyrion Token?

Tyrion ($TYON) is a revolutionary start-up that is aiming at taking the cryptocurrency space to the next level. It is set to redefine the industry, bringing something that no one has ever thought of until today : "Capital Protection" aka TyrionShield program will protect investors and their capital from major crashes, allowing them to get back their whole capital when in need "without losing a penny". Tyrion will be leading the charge in this new trend, ensuring investors can protect their capital at all times.

Tyrion's product line is designed to enable users to make the most of the utility and regenerative economy, covering niche areas such as long-term saving plans (GrowthX), online learning, crowdfunding for real-world needs, decentralized e-commerce, technology outsourcing and gaming. TYON holders will have the opportunity to get involved in various ecosystem run initiatives like Launchpad assessors, transaction validators and more. By participating in these initiatives, holders can earn rewards while helping the project grow.

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Presale Page
12 Sep 2023
15 Sep 2023
StatusFinished 18 days ago
Duration3 days
TypeFair launch
Soft Cap7 BNB


Launched15 Sep 2023
Added12 Sep 2023