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What is WEGROS?


What is Wegros?

- Wegros is an eCommerce platform where producer companies can place their products and services for sales. Wegros consist of us – representatives that are the same time buyers and sellers in the platform.

What is WES Bonus?

- WES Bonus is the bonus unit in Wegros. All registered customers in Wegros with a Premium account can earn WES bonuses from their own of their community purchases. This community can be formed based on the Matrix Marketing model created by the Wegros team.

How does Matrix Marketing works?

- Matrix Marketing is 10th level deep marketing model where you can earn from all the purchases of your community deep to 10th level. Half of commissions earned from the purchases of your community in the Wegros is distributed based on Matrix Marketing model.

What we can do with WES bonuses earned in Wegros?

- WES Bonuses earned in Wegros can be exchanged to products in the system or for WES tokens created on Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

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Market Cap2.61% $85,053
USD Price$0.000017
Price Change 24h2.61%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000016972218843459


Launched25 Jul 2023
Added24 Jul 2023