XRP X2.0

Binance Smart Chain
Ownership is Renounced

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What is XRP X2.0?

💥Introducing XRP X2.0 - BEP20!

⚡️Welcome to the dynamic world of XRP X2.0-BEP20! This isn't your typical token;

it's a thrilling venture through the crypto market!

XRP X2.0 - BEP20 goes beyond being just another cryptocurrency; it's a dedicated project aimed at

supporting the massive XRP community. Our mission is to empower original XRP holders like you by offering a

functional dapp that allows you to stake your XRP X2.0 tokens and earn real XRP coins as rewards.

But there's more to it; you'll also receive XRP X2.0 Governance tokens, granting you an active role in shaping

the project's future through voting on DAO proposals.

🟡Community based

🟡Liquidity locked 🔐

🟡Total supply_1,000 billion

🟡Max Wallet: 10 BNB


🟡Cg 👍& CMC👍 listing

🟡Top tier CEX listing

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Market Cap0% $3,827
USD Price$0.0000000038


Launched27 Jul 2023
Added27 Jul 2023