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What is 100mi Coin?

100miEcosystem project is an innovative initiative that aims to create a comprehensive and integrated platform for the blockchain, centralized exchange and gaming communities. The project consists of 3 main components: 100miReferral, 100miCex & 100miPlay2Earn.

100miReferral: State of art referral plan to create self-employment. 100miReferral is a platform where users can create, refer, stake, earn and generate daily income with ease. It supports 100US stablecoin & USDT on Bep20 network for the staking, deposit & withdraw. Soon, it will also have a full integration with CEX, P2E Gaming platform, a community-focused forum, and a rewards system for sellers and buyers.

100miCoin is the native utility token of the 100mi Ecosystem. It serves multiple functions and benefits for the platform and its users, such as:

- Governance: The 100miCoin holders can participate in the decision-making process of the platform, such as proposing and voting on new features, upgrades, and policies.

- Fee payment: The 100miCoin holders can use the token to pay for trading fees on the CEX, as well as other services within the platform, at a discounted rate.

- Reward distribution: The 100miCoin holders can receive rewards for various activities within the platform, such as staking, liquidity provision, referral, and loyalty programs.

- Access to exclusive features and benefits: The 100miCoin holders can access exclusive features and benefits within the platform, such as higher trading limits, lower withdrawal fees, priority customer service, and more.

Tokenomics 100miCoin:

The total supply of 100mi coin is 125 billion in Bep20 network. The token distribution is as follows:

- Presale: 25% (31.50 billion tokens)

- Liquidity: 20% (25 billion tokens)

- Gaming: 20% (25 billion tokens)

- Marketing: 10% (12.5 billion tokens)

- Referral: 8% (10 billion tokens)

- Burn: 8% (10 billion tokens)

- Airdrop: 5% (6.25 billion tokens)

- Development: 3% (3.75 billion tokens)

- Team: 1% (1.25 billion tokens)

100miReferral offers robust minimum 35% and maximum 40% referral to all. All investments only have 10% towards staking, which double your money in 400 days. Daily payouts with .5% daily return, that is 15% monthly income, withdrawable instantly. More sign ups, more money, more commissions. 100mi referral program allows users to promote the platform and expand its user base creating a mutually beneficial network effect and shift the entire community to use the CEX and take special business advantages for their loyalty.

❑Have 7 Plans of $20, $100, $200, $400, $800, $1600, $3200

❑Staking 10% of Package for 100mi coins

❑Staking Income 0.5% /day

❑Instant Auto withdrawals

❑Deductions Sponsor 10% & Admin 10%

100miCex is a centralized exchange (CEX) that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for trading various cryptocurrencies, including fiat currencies. 100miCex leverages the latest technology to provide low-cost and secure transactions, as well as a range of features such as spot trading, P2P, Margin, Forex trading, referral and staking. Users can access 100miCex through the website 100mi.io or the mobile app.

100miPlay2Earn is a portal-type blockchain gaming platform that hosts a variety of play-to-earn (P2E) games. P2E is a new paradigm of gaming that allows players to earn rewards in the form of 100US stablecoins and 100mi coins by playing games. P2E games are powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts, which ensure the ownership, scarcity, and interoperability of the in-game assets. Players can enjoy different genres of games, such as RPG, strategy, puzzle, and more, on 100miPlay2Earn.

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Launched01 Aug 2023
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