What is APISH ME?

Apish Punks is a unique collection of 10,000 truly pixelated ape NFTS with multiple rarities within Telos blockchain.

These pixelated apes have varied rarities, based on four original designs:

- Friendly Ape Punk

- Zombie Ape Punk

- Alien Ape Punk

- Ghost Ape Punk

Available on a 1/687 ratio rarity, the Ghost variation is the most unique design within this project.


Apish Punks has been brought to life by a team that looks to bring investors into a new world of secure Cryptocurrency Projects.

By launching NFTS on Telos ecosystem, utilising the low eco-friendly gas fees and high speed transactions to benefit all investors to get the most out of their transactions at the lowest price possible.

Apish Punks has been the first pixelated ApeNFTS created within the telos eco-system.

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Launched01 Sep 2022
Added08 May 2023