What is Barium?

Barium Network is a transformative payment gateway that ensures anonymity and low transaction fees in the crypto and financial sectors. Leveraging the power of its native $BA token, Barium facilitates seamless and secure transactions between merchants and customers, completely bypassing the need for revealing merchants' identities. With features such as staking rewards, governance participation, and fee discounts, Barium Network empowers users to transact freely, encourages active involvement, and promotes long-term growth in the crypto ecosystem.

- First-in-market payment platform

- KYC by AssureDeFi

- Fully audited contract

Barium Network: An anonymity-centered payment gateway leveraging crypto technology for seamless, low-cost transactions.

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The Barium System

Barium Network stands as a robust ecosystem designed to offer maximum utility to $BA token holders while incentivizing participation in the network. This system includes unique features to boost token holder benefits and add an exciting dynamic for the community. These features include:

- Token Utility

- Staking Rewards

- Fee Discounts

- Holder Governance

- Token Burn

- Barium’s Anonymity Shield

Barium's Ecosystem

Soon after launch, Barium will roll out our Payments and staking platform. Here, holders will be able to stake and claim their $BA tokens, unlocking multiplier rewards as they remain staked over time: Staking platform will utilize token emissions + revenue generated by our platform. Emissions will be balanced by our burning system. (learn more in our whitepaper.)

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Launched01 Aug 2023
Added21 Jul 2023