Diamond Dex Token

Binance Smart Chain
Ownership is Renounced

What is Diamond Dex Token?

After much research we have concluded that at the moment no exchange can guarantee and secure our cryptocurrencies. All our crypto-currencies are stored in their servers without any guarantee. Even worse they have the ability to trade and gamble with our crypto-currencies and funds.

The current exchanges behave like traditional banks, they take your funds, your crypto-currencies, keep them on their servers and invest with them.

Cryptocurrency was born so that individuals can regain control of their wealth.

This is why Diamond Dex was born. Diamond Dex gives you the possibility to fully manage your crypto-currencies, to take full advantage of the possibilities of exchanges and disconnected physical wallet without restriction and without risk.

Diamond Dex is defined as a disconnected physical exchange.

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Launched14 Dec 2022
Added11 Dec 2022