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What is www.Devtoken.site?

✅ We have created a fully functional and community driven token available on the ETH (ERC-20) network. As a promoter team, we have many products and services. We will always use 95% of all the money we earn from these services to burn our token. This means that every time a product is sold, the price of our token will increase many times over. 🔥

💰 You can find the price list of all the products we sell on our website.

🔵 Youtube (31K+ Subs) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSO-yluW9iU

🟢 Token Name: $DEV - www.devtoken.site

🟠 Total Supply: 10 Billion

🟠 ERC-20 | ETH

🔵 Just FairLaunch

🟣 Buy-Sell Tax: 0%

🟣 Liquidity: 99,5%

📌 Website: https://www.devtoken.site/

✅ ERC-20 Contract: 0x5289069866d0f898b2533369d9Bb781e99113B19

⚫️ Telegram: https://t.me/devAllEyezOnMe

🟡 Admin & Dev DM: https://t.me/devAllEyesOnMe

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Launched29 May 2023
Added29 May 2023