Edge Protocol

Binance Smart Chain

What is Edge Protocol?

Edge Protocol is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to enable the development and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) that require high scalability, security, and efficiency. The protocol employs a novel consensus mechanism, called Proof of Stake. Edge Blockchain is designed to provide a highly scalable, secure, and efficient blockchain protocol for dApp development and aims to become the backbone of the decentralized internet, enabling a new era of decentralized applications that can scale to meet the needs of a global user base.

EDGE project has a long-term vision and mission and creates a very safe and friendly project ecosystem, here are some features to why choose Edge Protocol:

✅ Token Creation

✅ Bridge

✅ Swap

✅ Wallet

✅ Edge Protocol Dapps

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Launched01 Aug 2023
Added17 Jul 2023