Lucky Fairy


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What is Lucky Fairy?

Want to earn passive income? Lucky Fairy is exactly what you are looking for! Get Rewarded from a licensed casino, deflationary tokenomics, reflections, and our random Lucky Fairy Events!

The token mechanisms are deflationary as there is a token burned instantly on each transaction and weekly through random Lucky Fairy events with 40% of the casino rewards.

Initial(Max) Supply: 777,777,777 $FAE

Tax: 10%

Tax details:

Dev&Marketing: 3%

Reflections: 2%

Liquidity: 2%

Prize Pool: 2%

Burn: 1%

Max transaction size: 0.5% of total supply

Anti whale dump & front-run: max transaction on sales and 45 seconds cooldown between buy or sell.

On top of those tokenomics, 100% of the revenues to the token from the casino are put back in the token growth. The initial distribution will be like the following, and is subject to change following a snapshot vote from the community:

40% For Lucky Fairy Buyback and Burn Events

40% For Other Lucky Fairy Events, like AVAX, ETH, BNB, and other crypto airdrops to every holder.

19% For Marketing

1% For Charities

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Launched07 Jan 2022
Added08 Jan 2022